Animal communication

What it is:

Combination of veterinary medicine, holistic healing, animal behavior, animal communication and animal psychology.

When an animal feels unwell or is in a stressful environment, it will show its discomfort or dis-ease by doing certain unwanted behaviors to tell us that something is wrong. We often misinterpret this form of communication as “bad behavior”.

By observing how your pet behaves with combination of animal communication skill, I’m able to tell you the causes of your pet’s unwanted behavior and how to fix it.

Book a session if:

  • Your pet has unresolved health issues, behavioral issues, or diet issues which you want to heal.
  • You have questions which you want your pets to answer.
  • You wonder what your pets are thinking and what they want to tell you.
  • You need to find out the causes of your pet’s weird behavior and their trauma in the past.
  • Your pet has allergies and you want to find out what the best diet for your pet is.

Price starts from $80/session. Distant session and group session available via video call.

Have questions? Please check our related FAQ page.

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