GOOD NEWS for animal lovers wherever you are: I now offer my services online! Book a session if:

  • Your pet has unresolved health issues, behavioral issues, or other issues which you want to understand.
  • You need to find out the underlying causes of your pet’s abnormal behavior and their trauma in the past.
  • You have questions regarding your pet’s condition but do not have time to queue at a local vet.
  • You want to find reliable information online regarding your pet’s health.
  • You want to skip that exorbitant vet bill.
  • You prefer holistic treatment to conventional drugs for your pets.
  • You need a second opinion for your pet treatment. It includes suggestion for drug, supplement, surgery, treatment procedure, etc. Diagnostic lab tests may be required for this purpose.
  • Your pet has allergies and you want to find out what the best diet for your pet is.
  • You have questions which you want your pets to answer.
  • You wonder what your pets are thinking and what they want to tell you.
  • You want a smooth and peaceful transition for your pet to pass to the other side.

Do NOT book a session if your pet needs immediate treatment or is in emergency situation.

Suggested treatment includes, but not limited to: diet and nutrition adjustment, essential oil usage, behavior training which will require you to train your pets daily, BodyTalk sessions to find the underlying causes of your pets’ problems, and (rarely) drug prescription.

To order a session or to check the price please click here.

Veterinary consultation:

This is a regular veterinary consultation session as you would have with your vet. I will answer any questions you have regarding your animal companion and will provide suggestions and advice to resolve your animal companion’s problems.

The main purpose of online veterinary consultation is to provide you with reliable source of information right from your desk, without having to spend hours queuing at a local vet and pay a couple hundred dollars for asking a few questions. Read more….

99% pet owners try to find information online about their pet’s problems, but there is a lot of misleading and unreliable source of information in the internet and your pets are not worth taking the risk.

Animal communication:

Clients prepare a list of questions they want to ask their pets. Practitioner will ‘talk’ to your animals and ‘translate’ their messages based on how the animals behave. Read more….


BodyTalk (for humans and animals):

BodyTalk is a simple but effective holistic therapy that can be used to re-synchronise your body’s natural energy systems. Each living creature has natural abilities to identify its problems and how to overcome them, but with daily stress and chemical exposures we slowly forget this ability. With BodyTalk, the body’s natural ability to heal and fix the health issues is restored. It is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself at all levels – as evidenced by the healing process that is automatically initiated when a person cuts a finger or twists an ankle. Read more….

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