About veterinary related case

Q: Can you check my pet’s health please?
A: For a thorough veterinary examination, direct check by a local vet is highly recommended. Online session won’t let me check your pet’s heart rate, respiration, organ condition, etc. However if you have visited a local vet and want me to provide a second opinion I’m happy to help as long as supportive lab results/necessary diagnostic tests are presented (e.g blood test, X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, urinalysis, etc).

Q: Can I contact you in case of emergency?
A: In case of emergency it’s best to see your local vet immediately. Online consultation is not encouraged because my ability to inspect your pet’s physical condition is very limited.

Q: Can you solve my pet’s behavior issue?
A: Yes. Depending on the severity, it may take only a couple of sessions to weekly sessions.

Q: If my pets receive long distant sessions from you do I still need to go to a vet?
A: Yes. We provide holistic healing, which means we treat: 1. physical symptoms; and 2. well being. Vet visit is necessary to treat physical symptoms, and you can use our service to balance their mental and psychological state. I can give solutions to heal your pet’s physical and mental health, mainly to solve their behavioral issues. It’s very similar to someone who sees a doctor to heal their kidney failure disease and visit a psychiatrist to reduce the stress caused by the disease.

Q: Can you prescribe medication for my pets?
A: I can only give you advice of what medicine is needed but the real prescription should come from your vet. I encourage to avoid using too much chemicals and synthetic substance. For example, instead of giving antibiotics to kill the bacteria, I’d suggest giving vitamins to boost your pet’s immune system to fight the bacteria naturally.