About animal communication

Q: How do I know whether it’s real or not?
A: It’s not something that can be proven. You have to experience it to see the difference in your pet. For this purpose, the first session of animal communication is always free. It’s very similar to watching people do meditation. You can’t see the proof but you can feel it. Watch some examples here.

Q: What language do animals speak?
A: Universal language. Some may call it animal language, sign language, body language, telepathic connection, or mind reading, but for me it’s a universal language that everyone can do. The reason why only certain people can communicate with animals is because these people listen while others don’t.

Q: Can you find my missing pet?
A: I can ‘talk’ to your pet and ask where they are but there’s no 100% guarantee of finding them. It’s a very similar situation to: your child is missing but they bring a mobile phone with them. You call them and ask where they are. They explain the surroundings but there’s no guarantee that you or them know the place. However, I can encourage them to find a way home by stimulating their memory to trace back the track they went.

Q: My pet has been missing for a period of time. Can you tell whether they are still alive?
A: Yes and no. Animal communication is not limited with time and space. Even though they have passed to the other side we still can communicate with them. It depends on your pets whether they want to tell you or not. There are a few reasons for this: 1. Maybe the timing is not right, 2. Maybe I’m not the best person to tell you. Just like human souls, sometimes animals are not aware that they are no longer alive.

Q: Can you talk to dead animals?
A: Yes. Same as human, animal spirit is eternal and communication still can be conducted through different dimension.

Q: If you can read an animal’s mind, can you do it to human too?
A: It’s not ethical for me to read someone’s mind without permission. Human can communicate well with each other and doesn’t need me to translate their message. However there are a few exceptions, such as handicapped people, people in comma state, other condition that won’t let someone express themselves very well. Even with these conditions, I have to ask permission from their family members whether it’s okay or not to communicate with them in a deeper level.

Q: I want to see if it works or not. Tell me what my pet’s favorite food is, favorite person in the family, favorite place to sleep, etc.
A: Animals share certain information only if they feel they need to. One more thing about ‘favorite’: just because your pet eats something more than anything else, it doesn’t mean it’s their favorite. Animals have amazing instinct and they know what they need. For human, we eat what we like, but in animal kingdom, they eat what they need.