About veterinary related case click here

Q: Can you check my pet’s health please?

Q: Can I contact you in case of emergency?

Q: Can you solve my pet’s behavior issue?

Q: If my pets receive long distant sessions from you do I still need to go to a vet?

Q: Can you prescribe medication for my pets?

About animal communication click here

Q: How do I know whether it’s real or not?

Q: What language do animals speak?

Q: Can you find my missing pet?

Q: My pet has been missing for a period of time. Can you tell whether they are still alive?

Q: Can you talk to dead animals?

Q: If you can read an animal’s mind, can you do it to human too?

Q: I want to see if it works or not. Tell me what my pet’s favorite food is, favorite person in the family, favorite place to sleep, etc.

Do you have a question that is not listed above? Please let me know by commenting below.

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