New articles and videos coming soon!

I haven’t really posted anything for awhile now, but I’m glad to inform that my articles and videos will soon be available at! The website is pretty eclectic, and one of the topics they will talk about is (of course) animals and wildlife! It’s not yet live but I’m excited to see my published articles and videos there.

According to their YouTube channel:

This channel has a multidisciplinary approach. It is pretty eclectic. Its main function is to promote the website. NB, This website is not yet live. We intend to explore the Sciences, social sciences and the humanities, science of learning, mnemonics, memory training, fitness, fashion, languages and communication, animal communication, language learning, law, jurisprudence, international relations, the Commonwealth of Nations, medical science, dance, dogs, meditation, concentration and contemplation, and other things under the sun. Other things far away from the sun e.g. Tabby’s Star or that star’s official name, KIC 8462852.

For someone with a broad range of interests like me (vet med, marine life, surfing, diving, archery, astronomy, calligraphy, cooking, music, human psychology, and many more) it would be a good website to explore. Sounds interesting? I agree!

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