Introduction to Using Essential Oil for Animals

What is Essential Oil?

Essential oils are aromatic, naturally occurring chemical components of plants that are usually extracted by distillation. Thorough lab testing of these chemical constituents has led to an understanding of their benefits, and in recent years, interest in therapeutically blended essential oils for animals has increased.

Every batch of a medical drug must by law be identical to the batch that preceded it. Plants, on the other hand, adapt and change with the tiniest variable in their environment, for example, a change in the water supply. So essential oils, created from ever-adapting plants, never reach a point where pathogens become resistant to them. They stay at least one step ahead – which makes them much smarter than anything we can create in a laboratory.”


The Benefits of Essential Oil

Essential oil is one of my favorite treatment method and here are a few reasons why:

  • it works on physical level to easy the physical symptoms

  • it affects the animals at the cellular level

  • it works on the emotional and psychologic level

  • it helps behavior modification

Their uses include blends for increasing appetite; boosting the immune system; combating fatigue; and dealing with puppy teething, ear cleaning, bad breath, colds and congestion, separation anxiety, and many more. Application methods range from soaps and shampoos to salves and sprays.

Most essential oils have been found to confer benefits of one kind or another—among them, anti-infectious (antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial), sedative, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), immunostimulant and expectorant.

Using Essential Oil For Your Animal Companion

One of the expert vets in using essential oil, Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM, stated she was cautious when she first introduced essential oil for her pet cats. She watched them closely and she did countless blood and urine test to make sure the cats stayed healthy and that there was no toxicity caused by the oils. Over time she felt confident of using essential oil for pets and now she has been using this modality in her practice for many years.

In a survey sent to members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, 15 respondents reported significant use of essential oil in their practices, and in quite disparate ways (Keith, Elizabeth Rowan. 2010. “Essential Oil Use in Canine Veterinary Medicine.” Dissertation, South Dakota State University (click here for the abstract).

holiztic vet essential oils.jpg

I am aware that there is some controversy in using essential oil for animals, especially for cats. Some complications have been reported as well, but we cannot conclude that essential oil is dangerous without knowing the details of the oils used, especially when there are research which state that essential oil causes significant health change in animals. There are many factors that can cause problems from essential oil usage, some very common ones are the quality of the oil and the amount of the oil applied. Make sure you only pick medical grade oil and use only a small amount diluted in carrier oil because animal’s sense of smelling is more sensitive than human’s.

Using cheap but poor grade essential oil will likely cause more health problems than curing the animals. Just like any other health related products, you want to pick one which has the best quality for the best result and if any problem occurs it is fair to say that the brand is not of the best ones. For example: canned food. If your pet becomes sick to a poor quality canned pet food, we cannot outlaw all canned food , but we have to find better quality.

For essential oil, make sure you pick a brand that has medical-grade oils, because you want to use the oils for medicating your pets. Otherwise, non medical grade oils may not show any health improvement when used for your pets. As another general rule of thumb: find information about the essential oils and animals from a reputable source.

Upcoming next: DOs and DONTs when applying essential oil for your pets.

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Traveling secret: Revealed!

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent the last year traveling and volunteering in Thailand. This has raised some questions asked by people, well, actually most of my friends, about how much money I earned in the past, how much saving I had, and how much I spent. They assumed I must be either very rich for not having a job yet still enjoying vacation, or exceptionally stingy to survive a whole year travel with no income.


To answer the questions: I was paid below vet salary standard and followed NGO’s low salary standard, my saving was not big, and on average I spent about $400/month for the last year. This amount had included everything from visas and visa runs (yes visas and flights were not provided and I had to pay from my own pocket) to entertainment and leisure such as drinks and diving. True, I’m not a big fan of drinking and partying, so probably more money was spent for diving than drinking.

I didn’t stay at Couchsurfing hosts, neither traveled the backpacker style, nor cut my expenses as lowest as possible. So now the question is: how did I survive with such low expenses, less than $15 a day? If you’re thinking that I robbed someone’s treasure, sorry to disappoint you. It’s not true.

Some of you travelers might have noticed that the one of the biggest expenses in traveling is accommodation and food. So if you somehow manage to cut those expenses you can save a great deal for your traveling. Now here’s my little secret to avoid those expenses: volunteer where your skill is appreciated and get free accommodation (even better with free kitchen), and sometimes free transportation or meals, in return of doing high-skilled work. Because I’m an animal lover and a vet, I’m going to talk about volunteering with animals from a vet’s point of view; and when I said “skill” it means a specialized skill where people have to spend years of studying and years of experience to master the skill.

It is rare to see free accommodation offered to people who have no special skill, in exchange for general work such as cleaning the cages and feeding the animals. Almost everyone can do those. To be honest I’m getting sick of hearing travelers asking “Do you know where I can get free visa, stay for free, and get free meals in exchange of doing some work?” basically asking for a free holiday. Let me tell you the answer: it’s almost impossible to find such place. Before someone tries to find a place where they can get sponsored holiday they should ask themselves what kind of skill can they offer? General helping is not considered as a specialized skill.

liz renae bloodless surgeries

Even if you have a special skill and are experienced, some places still require you to pay for the whole volunteer experience. (Again, we’re talking about volunteering with animals here, so) this is usually the case if you want to volunteer at wildlife rescue centers. For stray dogs and cats it is easier to stay for free in exchange to your skill. Why? Because not everyone can experience working with wildlife but anyone can interact with cats and dogs any day they want. Another reason is because it needs special permit to keep wildlife, while anyone can have any number of dogs and cats anywhere they want. Fair enough?

So in the next upcoming weeks/months, I’ll share my volunteer experience and include as much helpful details as I can. You can also comment below if you have questions about volunteering with animals or share your experience to let me and the readers know. Here’s another little secret: next I’ll reveal my experience volunteering with Santisook Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Chiang Mai. Stay tuned and don’t miss the story 🙂


Motivation needed!

Motivation needed!

Okay as you can see I haven’t been updating my blog for a few months now. There are a few reasons to this:

1. I quit my job, then traveled and volunteered abroad, mostly in Thailand, and yes I read your mind, there will be some blog posts related to my volunteering experience coming ‘soon’.

2. I’m back in my right-brained hobbies: making paper art, writing calligraphy, coloring the now-trending-adult-coloring book (yes I’m one of those people who color, so?).

3. I need motivation! There are already a few posts that are almost ready to post but my motivation is currently very dry and I cannot be bothered finishing them.

Okay I’m not going to lie, the last reason as well as laziness are probably my main problems right now. So fellow bloggers and writers out there, please help me keep motivated and tell me:

What keeps you motivated in updating your site even when you are busy and when your mind is distracted?