How Does It Feel To Talk To Animals?

This is another common question that people ask regarding animal communication experience. One of my clients was surprised when I found out from his dog that he had stopped sending his dog for spine massage therapy. He looked at me in shocked and asked “How do you know? What did my dog say?” and I replied “She didn’t say anything but when I asked what could make her feel better, she shared this massage experience with me.” He had no clue about what I told him at that time and I had to explain in length to him about the animal communication techniques.

So to make people understand and to avoid similar confusion, I’d like to share my experience here. When I ‘talk’ to animals, do I hold conversation as when I talk to human? Do we exchange words in English? What do I experience?

Depends on the questions I ask, the animals will share their answers in different ways. They may share images, tastes, smells, physical and emotional feelings, and sounds. This experience may differ from person to person. Because I’m a visual person and good at visualizing, most information comes to me as images or videos. An animal communicator who is an empath will get different experience and information may come to them as physical and emotional feelings. On the contrary to popular belief, information as messages and long conversations are not common for me. There are a few possible factors for this and one of them could be the result of animals’ inability to speak human language.

Here are some examples the questions I ask and the common form of answers that I receive:

  • How do you feel? → physical or emotional feelings (happy, worried, painful knee, numb in right elbow, etc)
  • Where are you now? → images of what the animal probably see at the moment (near a lake, in front of big building, in a small alley next to a restaurant, etc)
  • What do you want me to tell your masters? → messages (“I feel uncomfortable right now but I’ll be fine in a few days”, “They shouldn’t worry about me, I’ll be okay when they are out of town”, “I love everyone in the family especially the young brother but sorry I’m getting old and my time almost come”, etc)
  • What can make you feel better? → physical feelings (feel of something warm on my back, feel of someone stroking my head) or taste (something tastes sweet and sour, something soft with mild meat smell) or images (a picture of certain fruit, a picture of soft cushion) or smell (lavender aroma, mint aroma).

Do the examples give you more understanding about communicating with animals? If you have experience communicating with animals or other sentient beings, either similar or different experience, please let us know and leave a comment below 🙂

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