Sentient Being Communication in Daily Life

When I tell people that I’m an animal communicator I get various response. While most people think I’m crazy and such thing doesn’t exist, some others think I’m an animal whisperer and can tell the animals to behave according to what I want. If you want to know what I’m thinking, both impressions are wrong.

Being an animal communicator means I can understand what the animal (or other sentient being) is trying to share, but I cannot give them order and tell them what to do. Just like understanding a crying baby: you know it wants milk, but you cannot tell them to stop crying. Did I just compare an animal to a human baby? Yes. I prefer the term ‘sentient being communication’ to ‘animal communication’ because universal language are used by all sentient beings, not only animals. We, as humans also use universal language in our daily life.

I am often asked by skeptics if animal communication really exists, what the proof is and what the scientific explanation is. My answer is always the same: It does exist and I can give you proof. There are a lot of natural phenomenons which cannot be explained by science (yet), but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

So for all of you who think such communication is not real, here are some proof of sentient being communication:

Proof no. 1: Two babies communicate with each other using a language that only they can understand. They speak no language, yet they understand and entertain each other. What kind of communication or language do they use?

If you think such communication only happens among human, here’s another proof that sentient being communication is universal:

Proof no. 2: Silent communication among buffaloes to save one of their herd members. How do the buffaloes tell each other about what happened and what they want to do? How do the leader give orders to his members to save the calf? FYI, it’s one of my favorite animal videos which I’ve watched a lot of times and it has been viewed over 76 million times on Youtube!

If you think sentient being communication is only practiced among individuals of the same species, here’s the last proof that human and animal can communicate:

Proof no. 3: A documentary by National Geographic about a human being who can communicate with wildlife. He is Kevin Richardson and is known as the lion whisperer.

After watching the video you might say “Well, he hand raised the lions. Of course they are nice to him.” Now I’ll ask you some questions: How many people hand raise wildlife? How many people have been attacked by the animals they raise? How many of them can interact with the animals like the guy in the video? Do you still think he’s not an animal communicator?

There are some things science cannot explain, but it doesn’t mean they do not exist. One of them is sentient being communication.

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