What Language does Animal Speak?

As an animal communicator, I’ve been asked numerous questions by friends and clients. Some of the very common questions are: Can you speak to my Thai dog? My cat is Balinese, how can you speak to her? Does the animal speak better English than I do? When you speak to animals, what language do you use?

All these questions lead to one bigger question: What language does animal speak?

Some may say animal language, others may call it sign language, body language, telepathic connection, or mind reading, but for me it’s simply universal language.

It was the pure Language of the World. It required no explanation, just as the universe needs none as it travels through endless time.  – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Why do you call it universal language?

As the name suggests, because it’s so universal that everyone and every creature can understand, regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, and even regardless of species! There’s no language barrier when you communicate with nature. If it sounds too woo woo, please watch the video below to see that human and elephants can create strong bond and communicate well regardless of species difference.

If it’s universal why not everyone can hear what you hear?

The reason why only certain people can communicate with animals is because these people listen while others don’t. Some people even ignore the message they get. Unfortunately the number of people ignoring the messages is far greater than the number of people listening. Everyone is given the same ability, but it depends on the individual whether they want to develop it or kill it.

Animals speak to those who listen.

Animals speak to those who listen.

If you are still curious or haven’t fully understood yet, here’s a simple exercise to develop your animal communication skill: Next time when you see a baby, observe them and tell me what you think they want. Look into their eyes and tell me what they say. What feeling do you get? What emotion do you feel?

With the same method, observe a dog or a cat or an elephant or anything. Look into their eyes and tell me what it says. Most importantly: What kind of language do you use? Have you understood the universal language concept?

Please let other readers know your experience by commenting below.

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