Fun Fact: Sunda Pangolin

Woo hoo, it’s that time again this week for fun fact Friday! A fun fact a week keeps the foolishness away. Today’s topic is about Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica).

This species is listed as Critically Endangered (CR) on IUCN Red List and on Appendix II of CITES. They are hunted mostly for human consumption and as traditional Chinese medicine. Now here are 5 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Manis javanica:

1. They don’t have to see any dentist. For you who hate dentist, you probably will envy this cute creature because they don’t have teeth. Their main diet is insect, with mostly ants and termites. Their stomach contains tiny stones to help with food digestion.

2. They have long attractive tongue. Their tongue is longer than their total body length and is sticky in order to attract ants.


3. We should start biting our nails to keep us healthy. Their scale is composed of keratin, the same substance that builds our nail. They have same composition as reptile scale too. If their scale had medicinal properties, so did our nail. So why don’t we start biting our nails instead of killing them? Same fact applies for rhino horn.

4. They give pangolin-y back instead of piggy back. Mother pangolins carry their babies on their backs. Do you agree if I say it’s cuteness overload?



5. They like to keep in shape only when they are in panic. They roll into a ball wen they are in danger. This safety mechanism is effective against predator, but not human! That’s why tonnes of pangolin are smuggled through the border every day, because they are an easy catch.



Enjoy reading the fun facts? Do you have a favorite animal or any other animals that you would like me to write the fun facts about? Let me know by commenting below. Spread the info and have a nice weekend! 🙂

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