More Veterinarians Using Alternative Treatments

Holistic medicine is in the news! I’m glad to know more pet owners are turning to holistic medicine and say it works. Moreover, holistic medicine is now included in curriculum of some vet schools.
If you are not familiar with holistic vet practices, let me explain briefly how we work. We check the patients with our veterinary medicine knowledge, just like all vets do. We will run necessary tests, such as blood test, ultrasound, MRI, urinalysis, etc, to diagnoses the patients’ diseases. Once we know their health problem, of course just like all vets do, we treat the patients to make them healthy again. The only difference is: instead of using a lot drugs and injections, we minimize the drug use, which minimizes the side effects too, and minimize the animal’s stress due to injection and handling by strangers (vet nurses or vet techs). Most of holistic medicine is non-invasive and effective. Non-invasive techniques leave the patients stress-free, thus it speeds up the recovery process.
So dear animal lovers, are you ready to try better option for your furry kids? Are you interested in trying non-invasive tretment for them?

CBS Chicago

(CBS) — More pet owners are turning to alternative medicine, and they say it works.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez looks at how to judge if it will help your pet.

Resistance workouts on an underwater treadmill and acupuncture treatments gave Peter Wood’s dog, who suffered from hip problems, a new lease on life€.

“Every day you could see her getting stronger. And she’d run a little bit farther, and she’d play a little bit harder,” he says.

Peter says he tried conventional medications for Sundance, but they didn’t work or caused side effects. So, he sought alternatives.

So, what exactly is alternative and holistic veterinary medicine?

“Holistic veterinary medicine, for me, is really looking at the whole animal and trying to find a treatment that will be effective and non-invasive,”  says Chicago veterinarian Barbara Royal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Examples include using cold laser light therapy to treat…

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