My First Ever Animal Communication Experience

February 21st, 2013, it started as an ordinary morning at a rhino sanctuary where I worked at that time, but who knew I would encounter an amazing life changing experience with elephants that day? I started my morning routine, checked all the rhinos, did ultrasound examination for female rhinos, took some samples for weekly parasite check, and went to the lab. After finishing the routines, I made my morning tea and talked to the field manager. During our conversation, his phone rang and he was told there was an animal communication class at a nearby elephant rescue center that day. He asked me to go to the class to gain the knowledge that might be applicable for our rhinos.
So I went to the elephant rescue center, thinking there would be a seminar about how to understand animal body language and behavior. To my surprise, the class was very different from what I had in my mind.
There were over 20 participants in the class from various countries, as well as a few locals who were invited, just like me. The class was held outdoor, at an open field where over 60 elephants reside.

The class is held on a huge field with 60ish elephants as our class mates.

The class is held on a huge field with 60ish elephants as our class mates.

When I arrived there was a wise looking lady standing next to an elephant. Later I found out that she’s Loesje, the instructor from Linking Awareness. She gave us instructions how to ‘communicate’ with the elephant next to her. I followed her instructions and when she asked ‘What message did the elephant tell you?’ the first thing popped up in my mind was ‘I miss my friends’ which of course I thought it was silly and it must be my mind that told myself the elephant looked lonely. Loesje asked all participants one by one what answer they got. I was embarrassed to tell them what I heard and secretly was thankful to be one of the last participants to be asked. To my surprise most of them got similar answer to what I got. ‘I miss my family’, ‘I need friends’, ‘I want to see my family again’ were the messages other participants received. Well that was interesting but maybe because everyone thought that particular elephant looked so lonely.

Loesje and lonely elephant

Loesje and a lonely elephant

The class continued and we were faced with a different elephant and were given different instruction to communicate with it. This time Loesje asked ‘What kind of smell can make this elephant feel better?’. I smelled minty grass in my mind. I thought it was a biased answer because mint is my favorite and spending hours under bright sun made me thought of how refreshing a mint smell could be. I told myself “Come on Liz, it’s your own personal favorite, not what the elephant wants. Plus, you are surrounded by grass right now, so of course you are thinking of minty grass smell.”

For the second time, the instructor asked the participants one by one of what smell they got. And for the second time I hid behind other participants so I would be the last people to answer the question. I thought my answer was biased, but again, to my surprise, most of the participants got similar answer. Mint aroma was in EACH participant’s answer, not just mine. I’m sure not everyone in the class likes mint, yet they got the same answer. How awesome is that?

Participants of Linking Awareness Adventure February 2013

Participants of Linking Awareness Adventure February 2013

I left so confused with what I experienced that day. What is the logical explanation? How could the whole participants get similar answer without having the chance to communicate their answers before? If I were the first participant to answer I might think the other participants copied my answer, but I was one of the last to answer, and I didn’t tell anyone about what I heard or smelled so there was no way anyone could copy my answer.

Well, maybe not everything can be explained scientifically, just like Masaru Emoto’s “Hidden Messages In The Water”. What’s the scientific explanation of the water crystals formed? Because water can read and understand any language? Just because you can’t see or hear something, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just because science can’t explain a phenomenon, it doesn’t mean they are not real. It’s the same logic as: just because you can’t explain the sailing stone mystery, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I listen to my intuition more after the animal communication experience than before. After that day I believe there’s no such thing as “nah it’s just your feeling”. It was a powerful experience for me and played a very important role in my life journey. Everyone should try at least once.

A happy smiling elephant calf named Johnny

A happy smiling elephant calf named Johnny

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