Fun Fact: Pineapple Tortoise

Woo hoo, it’s that time again this week for fun fact Friday! A fun fact a week keeps the foolishness away. Today’s topic is about elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongata).

This species is listed as Endangered (EN) on IUCN Red List and on Appendix II of CITES. They are hunted mostly for human consumption with China as the main market, and sold as illegal pets with USA as one of the main markets. Native to tropical countries, elongated tortoise has difficulties surviving in colder climate and requires a lot of attention and enclosure adjustments. Many exported tortoises do not survive and die within a few days after arrival because they are very prone to stress.

0 elongated tortoise

OK, enough for the boring info. Now here are 5 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Indotestudo elongata:

1. They are also known as pineapple tortoise. Their other names are: elongated tortoise, yellow tortoise, red-nosed tortoise. They have long, narrow shell, hence the name elongated tortoise. This shape, plus the yellow color of their shell, resembles pineapple, hence the name pineapple tortoise.

Looks quite real, isn't it?

Looks quite real, isn’t it?

2. The females looove pedicure. The hind claws of the female are also markedly longer and more curved than those of the male. Some theories say longer claws of the females help them to dig nest to lay eggs during breeding season.

3. They blush when it comes to mating. Not only human, this tortoise is shy too when they are faced with opposite sex. They have pinkish hue on their cheeks (blushing!) and around their eyes during the breeding season.

His name is not Rudolph but he has red nose.

 4. They have love-hate relationship with water. They don’t swim but they love basking. Tortoise is not an aquatic reptile, but they need water especially in hot weather to bring their body temperature down. Basking is essential for reptiles and other cold blooded animals to maintain their body temperature.

5. They all have feminine side. Who says only ladies love flowers? Both male and female elongated tortoises loves hibiscus and morning glory as their food. Yes, they eat flowers! Their other favorites are the inner layer of banana stem and the flesh of prickly pear cactus. In the wild their diet mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, slugs, and worms.

Elongated tortoise loves hibiscus!

Elongated tortoise loves hibiscus!

Enjoy reading the fun facts? Do you have a favorite animal or any other animals that you would like me to write the fun facts about? Let me know by commenting below. Spread the info and have a nice weekend! 🙂


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