First Day at Work and Here’s What I Saw

So I was away for two weeks to attend BodyTalk class in Singapore and to process my certification. A lot of things happened during those two weeks, including how fast a puppy can grow. I came back at work yesterday and here’s one of the first few things that I saw.

1-running pups

They were born on 8 February 2015. When I left, they’ve just opened their eyes and could not walk yet, but look at them now. They immediately ran toward me without thinking who I am or what I was going to do to them.

3-black pup

This pup was a bit hesitant to approach me, unlike her sister who curiously sniffed at me.

2-curious pup

And after a while, of course they started biting me and my clothes. Yes, typical pup activity, chewing!

4-chewing pup

Five female and one male pups, all born from this awesome mother. A lot of work for me to neuter them soon (including their mom too!).

5-fufu nursing

I’d better take a lot of pictures before they grow up in a blink of an eye 😉

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