Hello animal lovers! <3

Welcome to my blog! Finally I have some time to make a blog in between my busy daily life. My purpose in making this blog is:

1. to help pet owners and animal lovers out there maintain a healthy lifestyle for their lovely pets without using too much chemicals. I always stress that one of the most important investment in animal care is good diet. Buying cheap food for your pet equals to transfering the money for your vet bills in the future.

2. to spreading awareness about illegal wildlife trade and animal abuse that happens in our daily life even when you are not aware of it. I will post education materials to remind everyone that wildlife crime is happening everyday,how to avoid it, and how to contribute in an animal friendly way.

In addition to those points above, in this blog you’ll find animal facts — both in serious and fun way, animal health tips, simple healthy recipes for your furry (or feathery, even scaly!) kids, veterinary articles, wildlife issues and also some articles about animal communication and distant healing which some of you might find them quite impossible 🙂

Before you think I’m a weird person, I must say I didn’t believe in distant healing and animal communication too in my early years. I studied and graduated from veterinary medicine believing 100% in science, but hey, who would have thought a half day of an elephant experience could change my life and my vet style forever? Read my first experience communicating with wildlife here.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Any suggestions, comments, and questions are more than welcomed 🙂

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